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October 14, 2021

Columbia partner John Martin will be moderating a panel at the 11th Annual Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) Leadership Summit in Santa Barbara, Calif. The panel, "Discovery Issues that Keep Counsel Up at Night," will discuss the ever-evolving world of e-discovery and how it can affect in-house counsel and legal departments. 

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Oct. 25, 2021

EDRM Announces Publication of “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery”

By Mallory Acheson


While artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in the analysis of e-discovery for years now, its current integration into document review has become easier. AI plays a collective role in directing the e-discovery process, restructuring the process. By applying these tools proactively and effectively, users can solve various day-to-day problems quicker, assists lawyers in doing their jobs more efficiently and also improving their company’s bottom line.

EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) announced its release of its AI paper, “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery.” The paper was drafted by a team of attorneys, data scientists, and legal technologists to create an objective, and easy to read summary for the bench and bar to help them in better understanding the use of AI in e-discovery. Head of Practice Innovation Mallory Acheson was one of the several contributors to this paper highlighting the types of AI used in e-discovery common uses, cases, and ethical considerations. 

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