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March 20, 2019

Andre McCarthy Achieves Harvester Certification

Andre McCarthy, a client data management team specialist for Encompass, has earned his Harvester Certification through Pinpoint Labs. McCarthy has done litigation support and e-discovery for the Firm for six years, advancing his data-collection capabilities throughout.

Pinpoint Labs works with legal, corporate, and computer forensics professionals to simplify e-discovery collection and review. Harvester is one of the latest digital forensics software solutions boasting speed and accuracy in searching and collecting discoverable documents and emails. To complete his certification, McCarthy trained for seven days to learn the tool and apply it in test scenarios.

McCarthy has an information technology background and a master's degree in information and computer security from the New York Institute of Technology. He thinks of himself as the "one-stop shop in the Atlanta office," doing everything from helping attorneys prepare for trial to collecting data at client sites.

Nelson Mullins Encompass is the dedicated e-discovery and information governance service offering and practice of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP.

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