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Februrary 4, 2020

Certifications Achieved by Encompass Discovery Counsel and Project Manager, Analytics Specialist, and Litigation Solutions Analyst

Nelson Mullins Encompass Discovery Counsel Rick McGee, Analytics Specialist Jill Ragan, and Litigation Solutions Analyst Augusta Thompson recently earned several key certifications offered by Relativity.

McGee and Thompson recently earned Relativity Certified User status. Earning this status demonstrates knowledge of the core document review features and ability to work as an end user in Relativity. Other Encompass team members who have achieved Relativity Certified User status are Discovery Counsel and Project Manager Sean Allen, Discovery Counsel and Project Manager West Lee, Encompass Content Analytics Platform (EnCAP) Manager Wes Bramlett, Senior Client Data Management Team (CDMT) Specialist Emily Smith, Discovery Analytics Specialist Jonathan Alef, Senior CDMT Specialist Andrea Counsell, and Senior EnCAP Analyst Brandy Dorris. These Encompass professionals are based in the firm’s Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, and Nashville offices. All have years of experience with setting up detailed searches and reports for document review and had to complete the exam on the latest version of Relativity to earn this certification.

McGee also became a Relativity Certified Administrator in December. Earning this status demonstrates knowledge of all aspects of case administration in Relativity. He joins EnCAP Analyst Jessica Byrd, Senior EnCAP Analyst Brandy Dorris, CDMT Specialist Sean O’Toole, EnCAP Analyst Augusta Thompson, Discovery Business Manager Richie Barber, Senior CDMT Specialist Andrea Counsell, Senior CDMT Specialist Brad Lynch, Senior CDMT Specialist Kandace Middleton, CDMT Specialist Alma Robichaux, and CDMT Specialist Chris O’Kane in being a Certified Administrator.

Ragan has earned Relativity’s Analytics Specialist certification. Becoming a Relativity Analytics Specialist demonstrates experience and skill in Relativity Analytics features. The examination covered nine detailed areas, which included e-mail threading and e-mail thread visualization, filters and analytics indexes, clustering and cluster visualization, analytics categorization sets, concept search and find similar documents, repeated content identification, textual near duplicate identification, keyword expansion, and language identification. Ragan is based out of Encompass’s discovery center in Nashville, Tenn., and works primarily in analytics. Discovery Analytics Specialist Mallory Maier-Acheson has held this designation since 2018.

Ragan, along with Thompson, also received Relativity Expert status this month. To become a Relativity Expert, the applicant must be a current Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) and obtain two specialist certifications. This makes three Encompass team members to hold Expert status, as Dorris achieved this in October.

Thompson also earned the Relativity Processing Specialist designation this month. The Relativity Processing Specialist certification demonstrates extensive experience processing data in Relativity and knowledge of advanced workflows and best practices for data processing. Thompson, based in Columbia, is now the second Encompass team member to earn the Relativity Processing Specialist certification and the Relativity Expert designation, with Dorris being the first.

Relativity provides electronic discovery software solutions that give corporations, government entities, and law firms the tools to manage litigation, investigations, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Nelson Mullins Encompass is a division of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP.  Established in 2007, Encompass provides clients facing significant litigation, government investigations, and transactions with end-to-end e-discovery technology, document review, and integrated counsel and advocacy.  For more information on Encompass, go to

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