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June 11, 2018

Mallory Maier-Acheson Earns Relativity Analytics Specialist Certification

Discovery Analytics Specialist Mallory Maier-Acheson has earned Relativity’s Analytics Specialist certification. Relativity provides electronic discovery software solutions that give corporations, governments, and law firms tools to manage litigation, investigations, and FOIA requests.  Becoming a Relativity Analytics Specialist demonstrates experience and skill in Relativity Analytics features. 

The examination covered nine detailed areas, which included e-mail threading and e-mail thread visualization, filters and analytics indexes, clustering and cluster visualization, analytics categorization sets, concept search and find similar documents, repeated content identification, textual near duplicate identification, keyword expansion, and language identification.

Maier-Acheson is based out of Encompass’s discovery center in Nashville, Tenn., and works primarily in analytics.  A member of the Tennessee bar, she has spent the last three years consulting on a variety of discovery issues.

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