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December 4, 2018

More Certifications Achieved for Encompass Tech Specialists

Senior EnCAP Analyst Brandy Dorris and EnCAP Analyst Augusta Thompson became Nuix Web Review and Analytics Certified Practitioners.  Nuix is a technology company that produces a software platform for indexing, searching, analyzing, and extracting knowledge from unstructured data. It has applications that include digital investigation, cybersecurity, e-discovery, information governance, and e-mail migration and privacy.  Both passed the exam after undergoing training while participating in the Nuix User Exchange this fall.

Collections and Special Projects Administrator for Litigation Solutions Allan Crawford earned several awards last month.  They were, as follows:  Cellebrite Certified Operator, Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst, and Harvester Certified Administrator status. 

Cellebrite manufactures data extraction, transfer and analysis devices for cellular phones and mobile devices.  The Certified Operator course is an intermediate mobile forensic certification that certifies participants who have gained the knowledge and skills required to handle mobile devices in a forensically sound manner.  The Certified Physical Analyst course is an advanced level certification that certifies participants have gained knowledge and practical skills and conduct advanced analysis on mobile devices, including advanced search an analysis techniques to verify and validate findings. 

Pinpoint Labs awarded the Harvester Certified Administrator designation.  Throughout this seven-day program, students applied previous knowledge to further develop knowledge of the Harvester software program.  Skills learned in this course are directly applicable to Harvester Server use and real-world electronic discovery data collection scenarios.  Pinpoint Labs seeks to simplify electronic discovery collection and review by expanding software functionality through several phases of research and development. It is their goal for legal, corporate IT, and computer forensic professionals to capture relevant data quickly and efficiently through reduced data collection processes.

The Encompass technology team stays abreast of new, emerging, and leading capabilities in the marketplace. We continue to invest in the training and implementation of those capabilities and place a high value on professional development and client deliverables.

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