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Advocacy & Accountability

Lawyers leading strategy

Law firm accountability and paramount emphasis on high quality are the pillars of Encompass’s services. Our dedicated discovery practice partners and associates routinely serve as advocates for clients seeking to right-size discovery to the needs of the case and provide defense of discovery processes, preservation, and discovery-related conduct.

Technology & Scalability

Use of highly scalable market-leading culling and processing technology

Coupled with document hosting, advanced analytics, and flexible and experienced review teams, we provide our clients with full spectrum discovery services to fit any budget and deadline.

Intelligent Review

A proven record of dramatic volume reductions

Through analytics-enabled scope negotiations, courtroom advocacy, and tailored workflows, Encompass possesses the flexibility and scalability to handle the most complex matters of any size. Integrated advanced analytics, data visualization, and alternative review workflows enable us to efficiently meet client deadlines and project budgets.


Understanding the Client

Encompass recognizes the importance of understanding its clients' business, organizational structure, and culture, and of communicating regularly with clients to discuss strategy and provide metrics in connection with our services. We invest time up front in establishing new client relationships to listen to the client and to help ensure our service relationship is designed to deliver the results the client needs.

Predictable Fees

Value-based fee structures

Encompass routinely implements a broad range of value-based fee structures which are generally developed in cooperation with clients based on data and experience, and account for differences in types of matters and unforeseen events. Our goal in structuring client service relationships is to align with clients and to implement pricing structures and budget forecasting that delivers the cost efficiencies and budget predictability our clients seek.