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The use of analytics is imperative in large complex matters

  • The proliferation of data has made review difficult to perform under tight deadlines 
  • Costs of review are often based on the volume of data
  • Finding pertinent information as quickly as possible provides invaluable time for case preparation 
  • The way data is organized is important to review efficiency and effectiveness 

Nelson Mullins Encompass has successfully implemented analytics workflows across a broad range of matters, including

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Congressional inquiries
  • Internal Investigations
  • Multidistrict litigation cases
  • Responses to DOJ, FTC, and other government subpoenas and CIDs
  • US and foreign government investigations

Our analytics services for clients include

  • Metadata Reporting & Analysis – provides a quick overview of the potential review population by identifying presumptively non-relevant material, while also providing a high-level overview of the general data graphs
  • Predictive Culling –  train analytics engine on relevancy by creating sample sets for Subject Matter Expert review for categorizing documents as relevant and non-relevant for later review and potential production of only those documents categorized as relevant. Experience also includes Continuous Active Learning technologies and workflows
  • Streamlined, Technology Assisted Attorney Review – intelligent grouping of emails and documents for attorney review for gained efficiency and quality
  • Customized Process Reports – custom, project-tailored workflow documentation for defensible and repeatable discovery processes
  • Email Threading – organizes emails to identify the most inclusive email for review while eliminating the lesser included nodes that are within the population as separate documents
  • Search Term Application and Analysis – analysis of keywords with Boolean operators to reduce false positive hits and non-relevant material for review
  • Clustering – groups documents together based on conceptual similarity by providing a quick avenue for delving into large pockets of data based on subject matter mapping
  • Conceptual Categorization – quick look to locate full documents or segments of documents that are conceptually similarly (as opposed to only textually similar) to one another

Wide level of experience and diverse perspectives

  • Team includes administrators certified in respective technologies 
  • Diversified team with prior vendor, law firm, and software developer experience
  • Dedicated analytics team who routinely perform a variety of techniques on each matter
  • Partner-level e-discovery attorneys with experience advocating for the implementation of analytics workflows
  • Scalable solutions for diverse workflows and business needs 
  • Secure, repeatable processes 
  • Predictable fee structures 
  • Experienced and diverse team members