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Over 95% of our review work is for matters in which our Firm is not serving as merits counsel

  • We are specifically engaged to manage end-to-end e-discovery while working closely with merits focused in-house and outside counsel
  • We recognize that each case and each client have unique challenges that may require matter-specific workflows 
  • We routinely work with clients and merits counsel to tailor each review to meet their needs while leveraging our experience, practices, and workflows 
  • We have developed detailed tracking and work flow processes to ensure that data is collected, processed, reviewed, and produced according to client needs and case requirements
  • We fill an accountability and quality control gap between clients and counsel
  • As a practice of the Firm, we provide accountability and defensibility in court on e-discovery issues by seasoned e-discovery litigators

Our reviews span a broad range of experience from investigations to class action litigation to large transactions

  • Arbitrations
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Complex business disputes
  • Congressional inquiries
  • Document management and transfer divestiture
  • Internal Investigations
  • Multidistrict litigation cases
  • Responses to DOJ, FTC, and other government subpoenas and CIDs
  • US and foreign government investigations 

Multidisciplinary team brings legal, technology and project management perspectives

  • Partner-level attorneys with focused e-discovery practices
  • Project managers with legal degrees and experience managing large-scale discovery reviews
  • Technologists certified in market-leading software platforms 
  • Dedicated team of analytics professionals
  • Seasoned review professionals with experience in responsiveness and privilege reviews, redaction, and building privilege logs 

Intelligent review tools

Our strategic approach combines market-leading software and smart review strategy and staffing services designed to help reduce data volumes and save clients time and money. 

We routinely implement:

  • Analytics
  • Data culling, date scoping, and global de-duplication
  • Sampling
  • Search term analysis
  • Threading
  • Concept clustering
  • Textual Near Dupe 
  • Technology assisted review

Scalable review centers

  • Network of review centers with scalable capacity of 300-1,200+ seats
  • Core review centers are located in Columbia, SC, Nashville, TN, and Washington D.C.
  • Ability to utilize extended review facilities coast to coast
  • A practical business mindset
  • Cost efficiency and client deliverables drive approach
  • Flexible and scalable teams experienced in concurrent, large complex, and small routine matters
  • Over 75 senior review team members and team leaders, many of whom possess 5+ years of experience on e-discovery matters
  • Routinely conduct reviews involving diverse foreign language requirements, including Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian
  • Possess established relationships with staffing providers around the country that provide volume pricing and top talent in markets in which we do business