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Forensically-sound remote and onsite collections; Chain of Custody

We utilize industry-recognized and best of brand software/hardware for data acquisitions:

  • FTK
  • Magnet Axiom
  • Pinpoint Labs Harvester and SharePoint Collector
  • Cellebrite Mobile Forensics
  • XRY Mobile Forensics
  • X1
  • Clearwell
  • EnCase 

Our collection process includes custom acquisition documentation and chain of custody. Our collection group has the skill and sensitivity that is often required when matters reach senior management and executive leadership; we know how to bridge the demands of litigation and client IT resources.

Mobile device & social media collections

Mobile devices and social media are extremely fluid and constantly changing. Performing a forensically-sound data acquisition of a mobile device is critical to the preservation of sensitive information.  By using tools that are validated and tested for such data acquisition, we collect and preserve data in a repeatable and defensible manner.

Strategic & customized data processing by the terabytes

  • Intelligent Search Term Reports – Our processing group works closely with our attorneys and legal teams to analyze search term results to identify unwanted, false positive hits for reducing potential review volumes before the data is hosted in a review platform.  With our discovery counsel and data processers sitting within feet of one another, our collaboration is seamless.
  • Data Volumes & Repositories – Our processing team has years of experience with our main processing software, Nuix.  They are well-equipped, flexible and adaptable to handle any amount of data and timeline. Organization is key with processing data. We create repositories during the early stages of data receipt to reduce the number of re-collections.  This dedication and organization is priority to our data workflows.

Production processes include quality control and customized specifications

Our team delivers timely, quality productions with the utmost of care and experience in producing tens of millions of documents a year.

  • Quality Control – When data leaves an organization and is provided to an opposing party, attention to detail is of paramount importance.  We developed applications as a first line of defense in our quality control process and our legal teams perform extensive quality control measure before any document is produced.  
  • Custom Specifications – We develop custom, standard production specifications for streamlined processes and workflows.  These specifications remain a starting place for our client-dedicated teams as we also remain adaptable to new and non-standard document requests.

Wide level of experience and diverse perspectives

  • Team includes administrators certified in respective technologies for collections and processing
  • Diversified team with prior vendor, law firm, and software developer experience
  • Dedicated migration team with experience handling unique data types and formats


  • Scalable solutions for diverse workflows and business needs 
  • Secure, repeatable processes 
  • Predictable fee structures 
  • Experienced and diverse team members