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Cases can be won - or lost - in discovery

  • Establishing discovery strategy early in the case can help reduce risk and cost 
  • Data spoliation and sanctions are costly and can impact case outcomes
  • A strategic approach to collection, data culling techniques, and review efficiency can help save time and money
  • Analytics-empowered review workflows allow important documents to be reviewed sooner, providing invaluable time for depositions, case development, and trial preparation

Good strategy begins before the complaint is filed

Nelson Mullins Encompass advocates have tactical experience in every stage of the EDRM, ranging from carefully developed and deployed information governance strategies, to courtroom advocacy of motions to protect or compel.

  • Defensible, scalable, and well planned processes
  • Negotiation of discovery parameters, including ESI Protocols, protective orders, data disclosures, and discovery scope agreements
  • Measuring and communicating burden
  • Collection techniques and processes
  • Document and data preservation  strategy and process
  • Data culling techniques and analysis, including implementation of advanced analytics
  • Review efficiency and prioritization
  • Privilege work flows and strategy
  • Production variables
  • Defense of discovery processes

Experienced team of veteran litigators and technologists

  • Partner-level attorneys with focused e-discovery practices
  • Project managers with legal degrees and experience managing large-scale discovery reviews
  • Technologists certified in market-leading software platforms 
  • Dedicated team of analytics professionals 
  • Seasoned review professionals with experience in responsiveness and privilege reviews, redaction, and building privilege logs

Nelson Mullins Encompass provides a strategic approach to

  • Implementation plans for accelerated interviews of and collection from custodians in complex litigation
  • Negotiation of approach for culling strategies, including search terms and the use of analytics work flows
  • Negotiation of ESI protocols to reduce discovery burden and costs 
  • Strategic review workflows and techniques to get the most important documents in hand earlier
  • Development of privilege strategy and approach in light of case or jurisdiction-specific requirements
  • Creation of defensible and focused collection, review, and production protocols to manage risk and focus e-discovery efforts
  • Accountability and defensibility in court by seasoned e-discovery litigators 
  • Enterprise e-discovery counsel for companies in heavily regulated industries
  • Battle-hardened experience in complex litigation matters
  • Ability to quickly scale resources for reviews big and small 
  • Value-driven, predictable fees